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Well, that's your job! Whether you like it or not. And it's my job to make you do your job, whether I like it or not. Which I do! Very much! Now get to work! -- Leela's Boss
photo albums
munich & vienna 2008 (edited -- all 500+ photos here)
bvi 2005
bvi 2005 from gray and cindy
blizzard 2005
cranston st. armory
newport boat show 2003
labor day 2003 week in ocean city
sailing on little brightness
rainy-day providence, 13 june 2003
labrot & graham
jan and craig's wedding
shenandoah, 22 june 2002
john's e-type jaguar
whistler blackcomb trip, 2002

comics i liked enough to save
"how to read flow charts", xcd
"archirat", pearls before swine
"archirat 2", pearls before swine
"fear the monkey", get fuzzy
"little bobby tables", xkcd
"cement", pearls before swine
"drug dogs", pearls before swine
"mission accomplished", pearls before swine
"drunken lemurs", dilbert
"conservative cow", get fuzzy
"cowbulbs", get fuzzy
"too much communication", dilbert
"prowess", pearls before swine
"morons", pearls before swine
"klaus kinski", tom the dancing bug
"crabcakes", get fuzzy
"bedtime", pearls before swine
"ignorance", get fuzzy
"whiskey", get fuzzy
"slugby", get fuzzy
"big boned", get fuzzy
"chicken", get fuzzy
"canada", get fuzzy
"channel", get fuzzy
"muffins", get fuzzy
"outsane", get fuzzy
"silly", get fuzzy
"potter", get fuzzy
"edible", get fuzzy
"wednesday", get fuzzy
"toxic dog emissions", get fuzzy
"magically delicious", get fuzzy
"this is the stuff you roll in", get fuzzy
"my fantasy", get fuzzy
"harbor", snake 'n' bacon
"new partner", snake 'n' bacon
"why don't they?", user friendly
"trick question", doonesbury
"when did those things start flying?", sherman's lagoon
"evolution", this modern world

algorithm archive
c++ stl
study guide to wheelock's latin

motorcycle stuff
conclusions from the hurt report
john + greg at deal's gap, 22 june 2001
superbike vs. supercar

funny things
happy fun ball
how to win technical arguments
table of condiments that periodically go bad
another periodic table
'may pre house the seamy side volitation!'
strong bad's techno song (mp3)

other images worth presenting
bear warning
o r lett3r$
ultimate showdown (flash)
magical trevor (flash)
kenya (flash)
scampi (flash)
worst disaster in u.s. history
good bush/bad bush
homer's got a gun
adult swim (betty, betty, betty)
brak icon
earth at night (big version)
nsi mug shot
john + rif in seattle
bad girl, barbie!
hidden windows options

"you don't have to jump out of a plane to feel alive, but it doesn't hurt" (mp4)
"swords" (windows media)
"suck it, trebek" (windows media)
"comedian" trailer (quicktime)
"wallace and gromit - the soccamatic" (quicktime)
salmon (quicktime)
brak counter brak (quicktime)

caramelized banana with rum sauce
greg's grandma's cinnamon rolls
penzeys pecan sandies
french toast
thoroughbred pie

other things
profile providence, us airways magazine
2014 ford escape
2002 subaru outback
focus on rhode island, us airways' attache magazine
eminenya (mp3)
metric conversions (javascript)
the comics @
list of my dvds