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0.1.1 What's New

I'm working on the data compression section and intend to work on the data encryption section after that. I just bought two great books: The Data Compression Book by Nelson and Gailly and Applied Cryptography by Schneier. I'd really recommend them both. See the references sections in the appropriate algorithms for more details.

Added implementation of Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm. Fixed many mistakes. Cleaning up LATEX_code.

I've been working on the back-end LATEX_to make it translate better and cause the translator to complain less.

I've just gotten re-connected to the net so the biggest new item is that the page now has a home again. Other than that, I am working on getting the conversion of the document from LATEX_to HTML working better. If you are interested, I use a cool program called LaTeX2HTML.

Scott Gasch