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0.1 Introduction

This document is a collection of common computing algorithms and their implementations. It was not originally meant to be a formal study in the efficiency or analysis of algorithms but recently I have been augmenting the discussion of the presented algorithms with formal analysis. This is by no means an all-encompassing collection of algorithms. Rather it is intended to be a cookbook of popular algorithms, a discussion of how they work, and a collection of useful implementations.

It is far from complete and contains many bugs. I am actively working on this collection in my spare time so, now and then, you will notice changes. Being that it is a work-in-progress, however, please excuse any rough edges. The wording of my descriptions needs polishing in many places, the implementations given may be buggy, and the overall content is not (and may never be) as complete as I would like.

This document is available as a bunch of HTML files and in Adobe Postscript format. This document is also available in LATEX_format but to run it through LATEX_it you will need the LATEX2HTML style files included with that translator. If you want the original LATEX, e-mail me.

All pages in this collection (with the exception of those which were written by someone else and are thus labeled) are protected by the following copyright: Copyright ©1996-1998 by Scott Gasch. Except as otherwise indicated elsewhere in this document, with respect to a particular portion, file, or document, any person is hereby authorized to view, copy, print, and distribute this document subject to the following condition: The above copyright notice must appear in any copy of the document or portion thereof. Sections of code donated to this document are protected by the original copyright of their author(s).

All brands or product names appearing in this document are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners.

If you have a suggestion about the direction of the document, find a mistake, have an algorithm you would like to see included, or have an implementation that you would like to donate, please e-mail me at

Scott Gasch